Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here we are in NYC

What a great time we had! And the weather was beautiful. We are in timesquare in this picture. From here to the subway to Chinatown. I have never been in so many "backrooms", behind curtains and in basements in search of the best buys on pocketbooks. It was so much fun and we all got 'bargins".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another great visit

John had his appointment at Johns Hopkins today and all went well. Tumor is not growing and his weight has stayed about the same. Dr. D was excited when John told him he has gone 10 days without a cigarette!!! He even shook his hand!! I know how had it is to quit (1 1/2 years for me) and he is doing very well. Didn't even have to take anything!!
We are usually in and out of there by 11. But today he had the c-scan and Dr. appointment was later and he was running behind. So we didn't leave JH until 12:30 which meant......
lunch in Little Italy..........Sabatinos.................YUMMY!!!!

Next appointment is in June.

Which way to the beach, muscle man?